More and more restaurants, specialty stores, retailers, and caterers have found their way to AFRGO B.V. as a wholesale supplier for the best fresh products in the desired quantity.

How many grades & Quantities of production?

Key grade:  WW240, WW320, WW450, WS, LWP, BB, also small amount of W240 CT, W320 CT each month.

What is the advantage of AFRGO ?

Better performance on supply chain than other Asia companies, largest RCN resource, advanced processing facilities and regularly shipment, 14 days to Europe, Fresh product by Fast EU service under competition price, any other choice?

Is that possible that I just want to buy one ton or few tons of product instead of one container? 

Yes, that is possible, in fact, most B2B customers don’t want to create high stocks under such volatile market, optimizer your stocks, send us delivery planning. Our warehouse in Antwerp will follow up and sent your cargo “Just in Time”.

How to contact AFRGO ?

Kindly fill the contact form, we will manage to contact you within 7/24 h.
Or you can directly contact us by phone: +32 471/04.01.18 (Mr. Sten) or email: afrgo@outlook.com