Vietnam Cashew Nuts Summary - Aug 2021

Vietnam Raw Cashew import & Cashew Kernel Export

Vietnam imported a total of 348,723 mt RCN in July 2021, which is 61.39% more than in July last year. In January-July, imports increased by 153.01% compared to last year, with a total of 2,152,356 mt RCN so far.

On top of that, Vietnam imported 9,534.94 mt of raw cashew kernels with Testa, the equivalent of 42,377.51 mt RCN. That is 114% more than July 2020, and overall, imports of kernels with Testa increased in 2021 by 65%.

Vietnam exported 59,061 mt of cashew kernels in July 2021. It is 41.59% more than the same period last year. Exports are still 25.90% above last year, with 345,145 mt exported since January, 2021

Target market of cashew exports

United States
To the USA, Vietnam shipped 16,398 mt in July, almost 53% more than last year. Since January, the total exported to the US is slightly higher than the same period last year, with 91,433 mt, which is 7.79% more.

mt were exported to China in July. That is almost equal to July last year. In January-July, the total volume exported to China reached 32,081 mt, which is almost 41% more than the same period in 2020.

EU & Others
mt were exported to the EU & Others this month. It is 43.49% more than last year. Total exports in January to July are 33% higher than last year. @Aug 2021/Vinacas Aug 2021

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