Interesting name -- Cashew, caju, anacardium?

Cashew, its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree: caju (Portuguese pronunciation: [kaˈʒu]), also known as acaju, which itself is from the Tupian word acajú, literally meaning "nut that produces itself"

The generic name Anacardium is composed of the Greek prefix ana- (ἀνά-aná, 'up, upward'), the Greek cardia (καρδίαkardía, 'heart'), and the New Latin suffix -ium. It possibly refers to the heart shape of the fruit,[5] to "the top of the fruit stem"[6] or to the seed. The word anacardium was earlier used to refer to Semecarpus anacardium (the marking nut tree) before Carl Linnaeus transferred it to the cashew; both plants are in the same family. The epithet occidentale derives from the Western (or Occidental) world.

The plant has diverse common names in various languages among its wide distribution range, including anacardier (French) with the fruit referred to as pomme de Cajoucaju (Portuguese pronunciation: [kaˈʒu]), or acaju (Portuguese).

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